Esther and Benji are the quirky millennial platonic duo who "navigate a world of perfect 10s as self-proclaimed 6s" – and they’re doing it alone together.  

Freeform is a leader in young adult entertainment, and they are fearless about continuing to push the envelope, with edgier content and marketing campaigns to match.

• Introduce a quirky, new comedy on a network's busy slate
• Attract new audiences who do not regularly watch Freeform
• Emphasize the personalities of show's stars
• Maximize budget to generate the biggest impact

The solution was to use the same quirky humor from the show throughout a cohesive campaign that was simple yet effective in conveying the stars' personalities.

When it came to creating the key art, SWITCH collaborated with Freeform to emphasize the pair's juxtaposition with each other, as well as with the societal standards surrounding them in Los Angeles. Rich, beautiful, talented, successful... all the things they're not.


For the “Cheap Ads” campaign, we partnered with Freeform to create a self-deprecating print marketing approach. Though Alone Together is a huge priority to the network, we helped them “cheapen” up the campaign to appear as though the series was a lower priority when compared to their sexy, high drama scripted series. It’s as though Esther and Benji were tasked with marketing their own show.

These “cheap ads” appeared on social media as well as outdoor placements including bus backs, benches, and billboards throughout targeted key markets.

The following ad was strategically released by Freeform on Twitter and on bus benches a week before the rest of the campaign launched. It started a buzz surrounding the show, engaging thousands of people to retweet and hashtag #AloneTogether.

SWITCH also illustrated portraits of the stars, which defined the original style used across a variety of marketing materials, including social media, printed flyers, and on-air promo end-cards. 

This campaign was comprised of several looks, but it remained cohesive and generated lots of buzz in the social space. It also raised awareness in the real world with billboards, bus benches, bus backs and mall kiosks, and the quirky humor all tied in to the on-air promos and social videos produced by Freeform.