Other SWITCH Projects

Equals takes place in a dystopian world where emotions are controlled by inoculations and relationships are strictly prohibited. One couple, irresistibly drawn together, defies the rules of their society and embarks on a secret love affair. When they discover they will soon be separated and “cured” of all human emotions, they must plot their escape from the totalitarian state. While the theatrical art captured the passion and romance of the film, we felt it would benefit the title to highlight the two main stars. Our final artwork is a play on both their relationship and the title of the film, as we see both Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult equally – but both of their faces are cut in half, signifying that one cannot be made whole without the other. It also works well on shelf, as their half faces physically complete each other, and creates an impactful visual presence. We chose the soft and cool blue tones to evoke the sci-fi, futuristic feel of the film, and printed on a bright white substrate to really emphasize the negative space and the title treatment.