Other SWITCH Projects


For the Now You See Me 2 packaging campaign, the opportunities were endless in terms of creating an amazing and innovative concept encompassing the world of magic…there was a chance to really think outside of the box. After narrowing the ideas down based on time and cost, we felt that we came up with excellent solutions – and, through strategic and innovative printing techniques, we accomplished the mission of wowing the consumer. Along the way, we created the first-ever 7-layer lenticular, where the cast disappears behind an explosion of cards – so our packaging itself became a magic trick (it was a sight to see when the packages were stacked in the corrugate). Equally as creative was the key art for the Target exclusive, which played on optical illusions. The cast was placed atop a background alluding to mesmerizing movement, an optical illusion magnified to even greater degrees when paired with rainbow foil backing.